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Civil Rights

Our attorneys are passionate about protecting the civil rights of our clients. Most recently we won a 1.3 million dollar verdict against the City of Chicago, for excessive force case.

Our clients have constitutional rights including the freedom of speech, the freedom to be free from unlawful searches or seizures, the freedom to be free from racial discrimination, an entitlement to due process, and an entitlement to equal protection under the law.

Our attorneys seek justice when police overstep their bounds and infringe on these liberties. We can represent clients in cases of false arrests, malicious prosecution, police brutality or excessive force, police shootings, racial profiling, unlawful searches or seizures, wrongful convictions, and more.

Civil rights infringements, however, are not limited to police actions. In the workplace, at school,or elsewhere, the following actions may represent an infringement of your civil rights. If you feel your constitutional rights have been violated, please contact our firm so that we can discuss how our attorneys can help ensure that justice is served and vindicate your rights.